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Five Easter Activities
Download size: 1.31 MB

Games and activities to teach kids about Easter. Visuals and reproducibles included.


1. Easter "Who Am I?": Goal of this game is to clarify in the minds of your students the individuals who were part of the events of Easter and how they were involved.

2. "What Happened Next" Line-Up: Purpose of this activity is to help children understand the sequence of events from the time Jesus entered Jerusalem until He rose from the grave.

3. "Follow Jesus' Last Days" Map: Goal is to show where the events of Jesus' last days occurred in Jerusalem.

4. "Search Bible Prophecies" Cards: Purpose is to show children that God told details about Jesus' life and crucifixion hundreds of years earlier during Old Testament times.

5. "Why Did Jesus Have to Die? Puzzle:Purpose is to show children what the Bible says about Jesus dying on the cross.


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