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Lesson 1 - Zaccheus; Zaccheus gives proof of repentance

Provided by Bible Visuals.

Copyright. Permission to copy for personal use only.


The aim of the lesson: To show that Zacchaeus truly believed in the Lord Jesus and received Him as his Saviour. This is proved by the fact that he repented (turned from his sin).

  • What your students should know: That Zacchaeus became a happy man when he turned to Jesus and away from his proud, self-centered life.
  • What your students should feel: A deep desire to turn to Christ and away from sin.
  • What your students should do: Unsaved: Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and turn from his/her sin. Saved: Show friends and family how they can turn to Christ.

Lesson outline (for the teacher’s and students’ notebooks):

1.Adesire to see Jesus (Luke 19:1-3).

2.Meeting Jesus (Luke 19:4-6).

3.Repenting of sin (Luke 19:7).

4.Proof of repentance (Luke 19:8-10).


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