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Sasha's Doors, a five-chapter, illustrated story about a boy in Russia.

Bible Time Image Gallery: simple line art to illustrate most any Bible story.


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Foreign Language
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Bible Centered Ministries www.bcmintl.org

BCM materials have been translated into more than twenty-five languages such as Swahili, Bangala, Hindi, Burmese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Bulgarian with new languages being added every year. For purchase.

In an interactive CD-ROM format, In Step with the Master Teacher offers 22 hours of biblical, integrated teacher training sessions full of creative and practical ideas that can be used regardless of the location, size, or budget of any children’s ministry. Available now in more than 15 languages, it has been used for teacher-training to date on five continents as well as the Philippines and Caribbean islands. For purchase.

Bible Visuals International www.biblevisuals.org

BVI’s flashcard publications (Bible lessons, stories and songs) have been used in Sunday school, children’s church, home school, Bible clubs, and many other venues and are available in over 65 languages and in both small and large group formats. For purchase.

Child Evangelism Fellowship www.cefonline.com

CEF is actively ministering in 187 countries around the world, and strategic plans are in place for that number to grow larger every year!

Go to Locations, International Ministry to locate international chapters and publications available in the language(s) of that region.

Mailbox Club www.mailboxclub.com

The Mailbox Club ministry is fully engaged in reaching the world with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through children’s Bible lessons, youth Bible study lessons, and adult Bible studies.  Their Bible study lessons are provided FREE to the student by enrollment in their correspondence program and their interactive “lessons online” website.  Free Bible studies are also available to students worldwide in many countries and languages through partner agreements with other ministries, churches, global mission organizations, and individuals serving God.

Multi-Language Media www.multilanguage.com

Our Online Catalog contains Scriptures in over 80 languages, Christian books in 45 languages, the Who Is Jesus? tract, Bible-based ESL materials, the JESUS DVD in over 1100 languages, plus foreign-language Christian DVDs.


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