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Sasha's Doors, a five-chapter, illustrated story about a boy in Russia.

Bible Time Image Gallery: simple line art to illustrate most any Bible story.


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Testimonies from ABWE Missionaries

ABWE missionaries were given the opportunity to complete a survey about children’s resources they would like to see on this website. Some comments follow. If you would like to take a similar survey, please go to Contact Us.


“Please find attached the children’s ministry resources survey. Thanks for whatever helps you are trying to provide for us on the field. I really appreciate it!” MLR, Romania

About color versus black and white illustrations

“Full color is great, but considering the cost and difficulty obtaining ink cartridges, it would be impractical to print up very many copies in color on the field. Perhaps if the material could be offered both ways, we could choose. If a local printer could duplicate color copies for a reasonable cost that might be the best way to go.” DP, Russia

“Full color is much more effective in this day and age with high technology, TV, video games, etc. The art needs to be good though. If the art is very good, black & white can sometimes be effective.” JP, Spain

“We would like both: color for PowerPoint presentations, black and white for handouts.”KL, Portugal

“The Internet is making a lot available so why not teaching materials in the languages of the people that are very accessible. I can get materials, and I know where to look and who to order from, but the local Christian bookstores don’t have these materials available.” LS, Brazil

Need for materials

“We need well translated Bible stories, object lessons, creative verse teaching ideas, Spanish puppet scripts, Spanish skits and dramas, related crafts and activities. We occasionally have the need to present the gospel, the Easter story, Christmas story, or other, to a large audience and need visuals, multi-media, puppet shows or dramas for such presentations.” JP, Spain

Need for training

“Although I have a Masters of Education and am working on my dissertation for the completion of a Doctororate in Education, the fact is, we all can use training. If you stop learning, you die as someone has said. Without a constant infusion of material, we can become stale.” SP, Philippines

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