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Sasha's Doors, a five-chapter, illustrated story about a boy in Russia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the letters ABWE represent?

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism. ABWE has over 1200 missionaries working in over 80 countries.


What is the focus of PROPEL?

PROPEL is an acronym which means: 
Producing teaching 
Resources available 
On-line for 
People to 
Evangelize and 
Lead into service.

The goal of PROPEL is to offer a variety of resources (Bible lessons, stories, tracts, etc., including visuals) available for people to download and print free of charge for use anywhere in the world. 


In what way will PROPEL meet strategic needs overseas?

There is a great need for high-quality Bible and Christian education curriculum to aid in the church in reaching and discipling today’s children and youth, who are fast becoming the majority in many countries around the world.

How can PROPEL equip the church around the world? How can it impact the least reached overseas?

The Goals for PROPEL:

• Develop high-quality teaching resources

• Focus on people who have few Christian education materials, but have access to the Internet.

• Train people to be effective in teaching children and in developing new teachers.

• Help Christians around the world to develop culturally relevant teaching resources.                                         

• Promote the importance of children’s ministries in church development.


Will the resources on the Teach Kids Today website be available only in English?

At first, yes, but the goal is to translate publications and then make them available on the website.


May I translate resources that I find on this web site?

Yes. However, if a resource is identified as copyrighted by others, contact that organization to inquire if that particular resource has been translated into your language.  If you want to submit the translation of a resource on this site for the Resources/Languages section, please follow this procedure:

1. Contact us of your interest to translate a resource on this web site (see Contact Us)

2. Ask three Christians (nationals and missionaries) to read and make corrections to the translation

3. Enter the corrections for the translation

4. Save the translation in a pdf. file with file title in English and your language

5. Identify who translated the resource, the country where the resource was used, and who corrected the translation

6. Send the translation file as instructed

7. There is no remuneration for translated texts. The “payment” comes in knowing you are helping others in your country to have resources to teach children the Word of God.


How can I submit resources that I have written for children?

Teach Kids Today is a site for teachers of children around the world. Therefore, we will consider inquiries from teachers who have developed Bible and Christian education resources for children in countries worldwide that adhere to ABWE’s doctrinal position. See What is the doctrinal position of ABWE? under About.

Please use “Contact Us” and send a short description of what you have written, the age level, and where the material was used. If your resource fits within a category of Teach Kids Today, you will be contacted and told how to submit your material.

Upon receipt of your material, it will be evaluated (theological, educational, and pedagogical review). You will be contacted and notified of its acceptance or rejection, or given direction for reworking the material for possible re-submission.

Material that is accepted for this site may be edited. Author will preview edited copy prior to its addition to the web site.

Teach Kids Today does not provide remuneration for submissions to the site.

ABWE, PO Box 8585, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8585. Website: www.abwe.org Phone: 717-774-7000
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