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Sasha's Doors, a five-chapter, illustrated story about a boy in Russia.

Bible Time Image Gallery: simple line art to illustrate most any Bible story.


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FREE Christian education materials for your children's ministry that help you tell the Good News of Jesus, build Christian character and motivate kids to live for Christ.

"...From a child you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus."  2 Timothy 3:15



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This web site contains Bible lessons, missions and other stories, a Links section of useful web sites, a Bible Time Image library, a Christian education resource section, and teacher training resources. Various language translations of these pages will be available in the future.

Links Section

The Links section will be extremely helpful by directing you to Christian ministries, publications, and mission web sites vital to your children's ministries.

The purpose of TeachKidsToday is to provide a variety of Christian education materials plus recommend a broad array of other vital resources which align to the doctrinal position located under the "About" section. (Disclaimer: The content of some publications may not fully reflect the views of this TeachKidsToday web site or ABWE.)

How Teach Kids Today Originated

The Christian educators developing this site saw Christians, both pastors and teachers from around the world who were attending a large conference in Europe, clamor for curriculum to teach children the Bible in their own country and language. After observing this great need and the inability of many to exchange funds for materials, this site was conceived to be an evergrowing web site offering free resources for those who have a passion to reach children with the Gospel and disciple them in the Word of God.

Terms of use

Materials from this site may be downloaded free of charge, unless otherwise specified, for personal use only and may not be reproduced for mass distribution or re-sale.

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Teach Kids Today is the web site of PROPEL Ministries, a ministry of ABWE, which exists to support world-wide church planting endeavors by providing web-based teaching and training resources for teachers of children.


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